OK, so we’re bound to extoll the virtues of using a recruitment agency, but there really is a lot of value in consulting the experts when you need the perfect hire. It’s particularly true if you’re searching for quality candidates within specialised areas like finance and accounting.

By virtue of what we do every day, we know that recruitment consultants can make all the difference in securing the right people to take your business forward. How? Well, seeing as you asked…

We know our niche

Like the back of our hands. When you work in a specialist sector, nothing gets past you without it crossing your radar. Those all-important industry trends, crucial market insights and rising stars – you’ve clocked them all before the non-specialist agencies have. In areas like financial services, that can give clients a huge competitive advantage in securing the best hires.

We find the best candidates

We might be stating the obvious here, but it’s always easier to find what you want when you know where to look. Many businesses struggle to home in on the best finance personnel. Years spent building relationships and developing intricate networks within the finance sector afford us the advantage of knowing where to find the people our clients need. If you’re fed up with missing the mark and want to select your next hire from a carefully nurtured talent pipeline, an agency is the way to go.

We save you time and effort

Ever gone through the hassle of the recruitment process, only to be disappointed with your hire in the long run? Or even struggled to place a role at all? When it doesn’t work out, finding that new employee can prove costly, time-consuming and frustrating. A good agency will not only have the processes down to a fine art but also possess the knowledge and connections to find more suitable candidates.With experts taking care of the hiring, you can get on with running your business.

We’re the match experts

While that subtitle might have a slight ‘dating app’ vibe, finding your perfect business ‘match’ is a really important part of the hiring process. Yes, you want someone who ticks all the boxes when it comes to qualifications and experience but it’s much more nuanced than that. The art of successful recruitment means also aligning client and candidate on as many levels as possible, be that business goals, career progression or work ethos.

We give great advice

An established agency has invariably been there, done that and got the proverbial t-shirt. If we say so ourselves, we’ve got bags of expertise to share. Specialists can advise you on every element of the recruitment process as well as help you navigate roadblocks, find solutions and offer valuable feedback. And the guidance of an experienced recruitment team really does make all the difference when you’re competing for the best financial talent in the business.

If you need help to you recruit the best in the business, get in touch.