Baker Charles appreciates diverse hiring immensely having been founded by someone from an ethnic minority.

We strive for diversity and are proud of our diversity in our own workforce, 25% being from an ethnic minority and 45% being female.

Baker Charles core values are integrity and delivery in order to build trust and our reputation. As part of these core values, therefore, diversity is at the heart of what we do. We shortlist candidates on appropriate and relevant skills and other specifications determined by the client. We only select candidates based on their qualifications, experience, and merit. We brief candidates on client commitment to diversity before their CV is submitted and use this information as a key selling point when briefing candidates. We are very proud of our diversity record to date.

Since Baker Charles was founded we are very proud that over 50% of the candidate‚Äôs we have placed have been female and over 25% have been of black, Asian or minority ethnic background.  

Baker Charles is fully committed to diversity in the workplace.

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